About us

Brightidea is the development department of GTM Systems LTD.

G.T.M Systems LTD. is a small private owned business since 1998, managed by Mr. Shlomo Amram and his family. the company engages in marketing and maintenance of computers and communication networks, and development of technological products.

Our company has developed an innovative lighting product which already has an existing prototype.

The product enables automatic turning on and off of the lighting, and enables great savings of electricity consumption.

The solutions that exist in the automatic lighting market (volume, motion, sound sensors) are not suitable for office lighting or residential lighting, nor are they the best solution for saving electricity.

The product will integrate into the existing smart house systems currently available in the market.

It is a simple, cheap and efficient product which can be installed in every room.

We believe that the technological product that we have developed will be a breakthrough in our daily lives and we are certain that the product can be the next big thing.


Together we can help the earth